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Welcome to the music page of Stéphane Bourzeix and Liquid Sequence Principle.

I am slowly uploading my music on Last.fm, under the nickname of "Da Bourz", begining with the old tracks compiled in the "Early Works" album (Electronica / Ambient music). Listen to it and tell me what you think !

My first released song, Stéphane Bourzeix - deus Ex Machina (long-version), is available as part of the Organbient Longform Ambient Compilation Vol. 1, and broadcasted live on the Internet radio StillStream. You can order the compilation as well as listen to the songs at Blue Water Records, the OrganBient compilation.

You can download and listen, as free mp3's, two Ambient / Electronica songs I've made for the Ambient Collective group :
Antartica (Winter version) from Ambient Collective: Winter
Red (aka Fire & Flames) from Ambient Collective: Colours

I'd really like to have comments / advices / critics on my work, as well as collaborate with others musicians and try to work on a film soundtrack, so please don't hesitate to contact me !

You will also discover music made with my friend Patrice Mellot as part of the Liquid Sequence Principle project.

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